Sunday, November 24, 2013

Leigh Turner in MinnPost: New acounts of research abuse are "profoundly disturbing"

In an interview conducted by Susan Perry of MinnPost, Leigh Turner of the U's Center for Bioethics says:

"The really unsettling thing for me is that, as a result of the letters I sent this summer, I began hearing from additional Minnesotans who have [described] very similar experiences in psychiatric clinical trials here at the University of Minnesota. I don’t feel completely sideswiped by them because I know Carl has received those kinds of messages for some time now. I’ve also seen a number of things on the Internet where people have posted comments and offered descriptions of a family member’s care. So I can’t say it comes completely out of the blue. But they are unnerving. I find them profoundly disturbing."

You can read the rest of this excellent interview here.

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  1. It seems that the entire mental health faculty at the U of MN has been compromised with ethical challenges related to financial conflict of interest. I thought this was interesting:

    David Weiss, PhD is from the U of MN


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