Friday, June 14, 2013

Office of Attorney General refutes U claim that it investigated the death of Dan Markingson

For the past three years, University of Minnesota officials have attempted to deflect accusations of research misconduct by claiming that the Office of the Attorney General of Minnesota investigated the death of Dan Markingson and cleared the U of any blame.  (See, for example, here and here.)  But the U has never been able to produce the results of that alleged investigation.

That's because the investigation never took place. The Office of the Attorney General has sent a letter to Mary Weiss and Mike Howard confirming that it "has not made any independent investigation or determination regarding the care rendered to your son."

No one should really be surprised by this, of course  As I have written before, the claims of exoneration that have been repeated by Mark Rotenberg and other university officials for the past three years are for the most part either false or very misleading. Nonetheless, it is good to have independent confirmation of this particular falsehood.

I urge readers to write to President Kaler (ekaler at and ask him to issue a public apology to Mary Weiss.

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