Thursday, February 16, 2012

John Lantos resigns from American Journal of Bioethics editorial board

John Lantos, a leading bioethicist and the former President of the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities, has announced his resignation from the AJOB editorial board.  He says he will not publish in the journal, will not cite articles in the journal, and will discourage colleagues from publishing in the journal.  An excerpt from his letter:

"To me, the key issues are not the ones of procedure that have gotten so much attention. Instead, they are issues of substance. They raise questions about the judgment of the editors and, more importantly, about the goals of the publisher. If, as we’ve been told, Taylor and Francis really asked Glenn McGee to stay on as Editor once he’d taken a job at Celltex, and if they really believed that the resulting conflicts-of-interest were manageable, one must wonder about both their judgment and their mission. Imagine that the Editor of the New England Journal took a job as Vice President at Merck, and the Mass Medical Society asked him to stay on as Editor, opining that the conflicts of interest would be manageable. One might rightly wonder, 'What are these people smoking?"

The letter  has been posted on Christian Munthe's Philosophical Comment blog. 

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