Monday, May 25, 2020

Korum, a recovering cancer patient, said her requests for a private room had been denied, and she refused to return to a cramped room with a sickened roommate. “I was scared out of my mind,” she said. “Being told to go back to that room felt like a death sentence.”

She slept on the floor in the common room. Welcome to life in a Minnesota nursing home.

From the Star Tribune:

Many of the state’s 370 nursing homes are laid out like hospitals, with residents doubled up and as many as four people sharing a single bathroom. Some nursing facilities have shower areas shared by dozens of residents on entire floors. This institutional design was meant to be cost-efficient, but it has contributed to the rapid spread of the virus from one vulnerable resident to the next and the stunning death toll within Minnesota’s nursing homes, say public health experts.

Kim Orsello of Prior Lake said she “became sick to my stomach” after learning that her father’s room was on the same floor where his nursing home had moved residents infected with COVID-19.

She was worried because he took showers in a room shared with about 20 other residents. On Friday, her fears were realized: A nurse at the facility called to tell her that her father had tested positive for COVID-19.

“I felt like, given the design of the facility, it was inevitable,” she said.

Already, at least 24 residents of his nursing home, Southview Acres Healthcare Center in West St. Paul, have died of the virus and nearly 100 have been sickened, according to families.

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