Monday, December 3, 2018

"The University of Minnesota agreed to pay $137,500 to an undergraduate student who said she was raped in Cuba in 2014 by an interpreter hired by the local affiliate of a study-abroad program."

According to the Associated Press:

Carlson planned to research government housing in Cuba as part of her senior thesis and SPAN's Cuba affiliate hired a local man who offered to help Carlson find residents to interview.

Carlson said she planned to interview the man about his living conditions, but he raped her. She said she went to police to report the assault but declined to press charges because she was told she would have to stay in Cuba until the case was resolved.

In her lawsuit, Carlson contends that the university lecturer who was supervising the students allegedly told her she should have known better than to go with the man. She also said the study-abroad program fired the interpreter for what it deemed "consensual" sex with a student.

Carlson said back in Minneapolis, she complained to the university about the assault and the chaperone's response. In April 2015, the university declined to discipline the chaperone, Carlson said. Despite being able to graduate in the spring of 2015, Carlson said she missed classes and suffered from medical problems because of the alleged assault. Carlson has since graduated from the university, her attorney told the AP.

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