Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Karolinska Institute finds seven researchers guilty of scientific misconduct in Macchiarini scandal -- including, bizarrely, a whistleblower

Just when you think the Karolinska Institute can't possibly dig its own grave any deeper, up comes another mound of dirt.

Karl-Henrik Grinnemo saw Paolo Macchiarini's fraud and tried in vain for years to get the KI to take action. Instead, the KI threatened to fire him and his fellow whistleblowers. Finally, after the documentary film "The Experiments" exposed Macchiarini's wrongdoing and triggered an international scandal, the KI agreed to investigate. And they have apparently concluded that Grinnemo deserves to be blamed along with Macchiarini.

I'll look forward to reading their justification for this decision when it is available in English.

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