Friday, April 20, 2018

"In one of the Alzheimer’s cases, a physician drugged the patient’s coffee without her knowledge and then had the woman physically restrained while delivering the fatal injection."

From the Washington Post: 

"In a rare series of moves, Dutch authorities are investigating whether doctors may have committed crimes in five euthanasia cases, including the deaths of two women with advanced Alzheimer’s disease."


  1. The reason that doctors were sworn to "First, do no harm" is precisely because the Greeks recognized that doctors have the capacity and, if given the opportunity, they will deliver the lethal injection.

    It was doctors who signed off and killed disabled children in Nazi Germany.


  2. Also, The Netherlands has had the concept of "duty to die" for years now. Euthanasia has been used as an "out" by even young "mental patients" for years now. Few in America know this. This rabbit hole is deeper than "THEY" want you to know....