Friday, April 13, 2018

Chief of surgery resigns after complaints that he "made a crude gesture with an amputated toe"

Actually, that's only the least of it. Consider this, from the Toronto Star:

Six nurses interviewed by the Star provided complaints to the hospital that detailed what one called a “sickening” atmosphere in the hospital’s operating room and halls, where they said they had seen Smyth hit or kick nurses as he walked by.

One nurse said that as he prepared for an operation, Smyth made “honking sounds” with his hands towards her breasts. Another said he sent a novice nurse get a “pedonga” dilator — a device that does not exist. The complainant explained that Smyth uses “pedonga” as slang for vagina and when the nurse returned empty-handed, he and the other doctors were laughing.

Another nurse complained that she felt unsafe when, while she was alone in a room, Smyth came in an stared at her until she blushed. She complained that Smyth called in another doctor and laughed, pointing out how he had made her “get red for Big Daddy.”

As to the allegation involving the toe, the nurses said Smyth explained to them it is a ritual for him. Following a toe amputation — sometimes required for complications related to diabetes — Smyth would take the toe and stick it between his fingers in a “f--- you” gesture, the nurses said.

But don't worry. Dr. Smyth is going to pay, big-time. He has to take instruction in an "ethics and boundaries program” and undergo counselling sessions with an “expert communications coach.” So there.

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