Tuesday, March 27, 2018

William Strampel, the former Dean of Michigan State's medical school, has been arrested

And not just for protecting Larry Nassar. According to the New York Times:

The former dean, William D. Strampel, was accused not only of failing to protect women and girls from Dr. Nassar, but also with committing abuse himself. According to investigators, Dr. Strampel made graphic sexual comments to female medical students at the university, suggested that one student become a “centerfold model” and grabbed at least two women on the buttocks.

According to the charging documents, Dr. Strampel solicited nude photos from at least one student who had performed poorly on a medical school exam, and investigators found dozens of pornographic images and videos on a computer in his office, including many images that appeared to be of Michigan State students. Investigators also found “a video of Dr. Larry Nassar performing ‘treatment’ on a young female patient” on the computer. The charging documents suggest that Dr. Strampel targeted women who were struggling in their classes.

And they don't even mention the rectal exams. 

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