Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Dean will see you now

The Larry Nassar sexual assault scandal at Michigan State has gotten even weirder. The Wall Street Journal is reporting this unusual nugget of information about William Strampel, the Dean of the School of Osteopathic Medicine who appears to have covered for Nassar over the years.

In a spring 2005 section of a year-long introductory course on physical examinations taught by (Dean) Dr. Strampel, for example, a male model hired for students to practice prostate and rectal exams didn’t show up. Dr. Strampel offered himself as the model patient, according to an account written by several students and shared with a longtime faculty member shortly afterward.

According to that letter, he directed his offer at one student, and that student left the room alone with Dr. Strampel and conducted the rectal exam, telling classmates afterward that he was concerned about failing the course if he declined.

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  1. That is just TOO WEIRD! the guy is the frickin' *DEAN*, and he's offering himself up as a proctology dummy....????.... WTF?....Was he *paid* for his service?....