Saturday, February 10, 2018

A Time to Begin: Nixon in New Hampshire 1968

The task for Nixon in 1968 was to transform his public image from paranoid hatchet man to patriotic statesman (or barring that, to something resembling an actual human being.) This propaganda film does a a pretty good job of that. At times, Nixon is almost likeable.

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  1. "At times, Nixon is almost likeable" HAH! Gotta agree. If you watch this video with an open mind, he DOES "seem likeable", because he's POLITE. He's *trying* to be likeable, and make friends with people, and put his best self forward. ANYBODY can do that! But if you watch this, keeping in mind everything we know NOW, Nixon seems a lot LESS likeable, and just another fake politician. It's easy for a guy like Nixon, here in white bread, white meat, 95%+ white people New Hampshire. Thank God we survived Nixon! Thanks for the video!
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