Tuesday, January 9, 2018

On expecting these periodic embarrassments

From the letters section of the Star Tribune:

Change is needed at the top

Why do University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler and the Board of Regents keep getting free passes when periodic and frequent sexual-misconduct scandals happen in the Department of Athletics? (“U defends its handling of allegations against Lynch,” Jan. 6.) Kaler has, over and over, expressed outrage and promised change in response to these embarrassing and demoralizing scandals. As a taxpayer and a fan of U athletics, I am becoming desensitized and have almost come to expect these periodic embarrassments. A sad state of affairs indeed. I don’t hear similar stories at the University of Wisconsin, the University of Iowa or any other Big Ten university with the frequency and seriousness that I do at our “beloved” University of Minnesota. It’s time for some wholesale, and I mean wholesale, changes.

Tim Newlin, Taylors Falls, Minn.

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