Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Watergate revisited

Strange as it seems for those of us who lived through it, many Americans alive today have only the faintest knowledge of the Watergate scandal.  Even younger political journalists know only the version presented in All the President's Men.  This sad fact is itself a scandal, and not just because Watergate exposed the worst of the American political system. It was also spectacularly entertaining. The cast, the plot, the performances: if they had not actually existed, it would have been impossible to invent them. Martha Mitchell?  Gordon Liddy? Sam Ervin? An actual Enemies List?  Come on. This story is impossible to resist.

Which is why you won't regret listening to Slow Burn, a new Slate podcast by Leon Neyfakh.  Slow Burn explores the forgotten stories of Watergate -- the ones that have been left out of the standard schoolbook histories. These stories won't be unfamiliar to everyone, of course. But even if you sat rapt in front of the television in the summer of 1973 watching the Senate Watergate hearings you'll find something new here. The first episode, fittingly, is about Martha Mitchell, the wife of Attorney General John Mitchell.  (Did you remember that when the Watergate burglars were caught, John had Martha abducted, drugged and held in a hotel room for three days? I didn't think so.)

You can find it here. 

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  1. Yes, and the guy whom Nixon allegedly had kidnap and beat up Martha Mitchell was appointed by Trump to be ambassador to the Czech Republic. You can't make this stuff up...