Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The con man and the ethicist

Surprise, surprise. The Expert Group on Scientific Misconduct at Sweden’s Central Ethics Review Board has found scientific misconduct in six published articles by disgraced transplant surgeon Paolo Macchiarini. Not that there was really much doubt.  Macchiarini's star has been falling for quite a while. The only question was which articles deserved to be retracted.

Actually, the report did have one surprise. The review board found that it was not just Macchiarini who was guilty of scientific misconduct, but  also his coauthors on the six articles. One of those coauthors is NYU bioethicist Art Caplan.

The piece in question appeared in The Lancet in 2012. It's a familiar type of article: mostly scientific review, with a short section titled "Bioethics" at the end. A lot of ethicists do this sort of thing. It's an easy publication. Write two paragraphs and you're in The Lancet.  But what do you when it turns out you have partnered with a con man?

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