Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A new kind of awareness campaign

Anyone familiar with modern drug marketing knows the role played by disease awareness campaigns. To sell Detrol, you sell overactive bladder. To sell Lyrica, you sell fibromyalgia. To sell Paxil, you sell social anxiety disorder. Raising awareness of a condition is a means of selling a treatment for it.

But Vanda Pharmaceuticals is trying something new. To sell its branded antipsychotic, Fanapt, Vanda is trying to raise awareness of a common antipsychotic side-effect called akasthisia -- the extreme restlessness and agitation that leads many patients to stop taking antipsychotics. Presumably, Vanda believes that Fanapt is less likely to cause akasthisia than its competitors. Commercials like this one lead viewers to Vanda's akasthisia awareness website, gotakasthisia.com.

You can get the details from Fierce Pharma.

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  1. I have to post a comment. Vanda's latest propaganda campaign is so wrong, on so many levels. Yet again, the words "suffer"/ing, and "struggle"/ing are used to stigmatize the bogus diagnosis "schizophrenia", and it's claimed that akathisia is only a "side effect" of "some" drugs used on such folks.... The reality is, that being psych drugs, -i.e., NEUROLEPTICS, *ALL* such drugs cause some form of akathisia. If they didn't, they would be called PLACEBOS. I am a surviving victim of the LIES of the pseudoscience drug racket and means of social control known as Psychiatry, which is nothing more than 21st Century Phrenology with potent neuro-toxins. The gross over-production and over-supply of toxic drugs pushed by PhRMA, goes hand-in-hand. Together, Psychiatry and PhRMA have done, and continue to do, far more harm than good. PLEASE visit >madinamerica.com<, and spend a couple hours educating yourself about the TRUTH. Vanda is lying to you to sell drugs. But yes, akathisia is hell on Earth. That part, at least, is true.