Friday, June 30, 2017

The Star Tribune as a PR organ for the University of Minnesota

If anyone can explain to me why the Strib is devoting coverage to this dead-boring YouTube video produced by the U's PR office, I'm all ears. It's a 3-minute, non-narrated series of PowerPoint slides on the university budget.  Yet in the Star Tribune, Maura Lerner writes, "The video, which was produced in house, is filled with inspiring images of students and scientists at work, sprinkled with pie charts that break down where the $3.8 billion goes."

I don't get it. The U produces hundreds of videos like this. This is not one of the better ones. It had gotten exactly 429 views when I checked this morning -- and that was after Lerner's puff piece had been online for a day. Is the article an excuse to write about the U's budget? About Matt Kramer, the new VP for University Relations? Just filler for a slow news day?

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