Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A spokesman for the U suggests KSTP is lying about its source

"I'm not familiar with journalistic ethics, but do you typically make up the title of the source you're talking to?"

That's a statement from the University of Minnesota's new VP for University and Government Relations, Matt Kramer, who is absolutely baffled as to why reporters from KSTP would claim that a Regent leaked the new sexual harassment story.

To him, it's absolutely simple. Every single Regent was asked by the Chair to sign a statement confirming that they didn't leak the information. The statement also said, "I affirm that I want the person to name me if I am lying."  And they all signed! Every Regent! Freely and under no pressure whatsoever! None at all!

Kramer says, "So I am very confused why KSTP has not come forward."  What does he want KSTP to do? "I want them to name their source."

Yes, that's going to happen. KSTP is going to burn its source because a university functionary is very angry at them.  You can see this remarkable exchange on TPT Almanac. Be sure to stick around for the next interview with the U's Chris Ison, who explains why KSTP is unlikely to cave in.

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