Tuesday, March 7, 2017

"His career as a healer also seems inspired by what accountants would call a 'near-broke' experience"

From Mike Mullen in City Pages, on spiritual leader and Chanhassen resident Mas Sajady:

He claims his “abilities” stem from two near-death experiences — a warehouse accident that left him with a “crushed jaw,” and a near-drowning in Belize. The incidents granted the former computer programmer heightened senses, pure peace, and the power to “edit” time, “deleting” moments people wish hadn’t happened, and helping them create new futures both rich and successful.

He administers to tens of thousands of people online. According to testimonials on mas-sajady.com, his mind-opening programs have fixed everything from sciatica to scoliosis to dizzy spells to shortness.

“I have GROWN 2 inches,” one woman wrote.

Another went from “not having money to put gas in my car” to “earning almost $400,000 in my business” in six months.

Aside from spiritual imbuement, Sajady’s site lists hundreds of serious medical issues he can help with. A seven-session, four-hour “frequency clinic” will “specifically work on eliminating the frequencies of cancer and its root causes from your blueprint.” A bargain at $180.

“Healing MAStery” includes six one-hour meditation lectures and six 20-minute question-and-answer sessions by phone. Cost of these eight hours of enlightenment: $1,200.

But Nygard and two other women have come to believe Sajady’s taking advantage of people, producing more negative energy than positive. Each came to this realization only after spending thousands of dollars.

They’ve filed complaints with the Minnesota Department of Health, claiming Sajady fails to give out a state-mandated “Client Bill of Rights,” a proviso informing customers that their practitioner “may not provide a medical diagnosis,” among other warnings. They further claim he’s practicing medicine without a license.

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