Friday, January 13, 2017

Let's go Full Norwood with the Board of Regents!

We've got sexual harassment, sex tapes, and credible allegations of gang rape. For the Board of Regents, why not an ex-Packer and former Golden Gopher star who once asked a receptionist for oral sex, exposed himself to her at work, and “blocked her exit with athletic shorts at his ankles”? 

According to the Pioneer Press:

A recovering alcoholic, Carter recalled that he was drunk and in a hot tub while the rest of the team was practicing. He had seen the receptionist out at the bars, he said, and he asked her for oral sex. She refused and he didn’t press the matter, he said.

“That was it, nothing happened. I didn’t touch her or nothing,” he said.

Carter said he was addicted to alcohol and sex and was using marijuana regularly. That doesn’t excuse his behavior, he said, but he doesn’t think it’s relevant to his regents candidacy.

“It’s been 40 years. I think it’s time to let it go,” he said.

The Pioneer Press notes that Carter was a vocal supporter of the Gopher football team when it threatened to boycott the Holiday Bowl.

“I would not change anything at all about what I did in the way of supporting the team,” he said. “I believe what the players boycotted for and wanted to walk out for was transparency and fairness, and I would again support them for that. … It in no way signifies condoning sexual assault, sexual abuse, anything like that.”

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