Sunday, January 8, 2017

Hey, is there a school that can teach me to talk like Coach PJ Fleck?

Why yes, there is! Here's a testimonial from Robert Crouch, a recent graduate:

My dad used to say: "Hey, why are you coming in now?"  I'd say: "It's dark, it's 40 below, I'm cold. I want to go to bed."  Then -- I never forget this -- he'd say: "There's someone out there taking another shot at the net in their backyard skating rink.  Just know that, bud.  You want me to turn the house lights on for you?  You want me to drive the car through the cedar hedges and around the house into the backyard, turn those headlights on for you?"  Then I'd say: "The puck is frozen to the ice, dad."  "That's no good, son," he'd say. "Want me to get the blowtorch to get the puck unfrozen?"  And this is when I'd tell him that he was scaring me.  But he taught me everything I know.  It's how I live my life now.  I'm really an amazing person.

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