Sunday, January 8, 2017

Hello, acid. Goodbye, alienated labor.

Micro-dosed LSD is having a moment. You may have heard the Reply All podcast, or seen it on Reddit, or (I'm not kidding) read about it in Marie Claire. But if you haven't, don't worry, because you've probably heard it all before anyway.

For instance: "It gives you fresh eyes for programming or figuring out algorithmic stuff. It made me really productive in a motivated way. Whatever mental block that was stopping me from doing something would disappear."

Or this: “Microdosing allowed me to work intensely with an exhilarated focus, to make all these connections that I may not otherwise make, and have a blast doing it.”

Sound familiar? If so it's probably because that's what people were saying about Adderall ten years ago, or Prozac ten years before that. Here is Jonathan Foer in Slate:

"On Adderall, I was able to work in hourlong chunks. I didn't feel like I was becoming smarter or even like I was thinking more clearly. I just felt more directed, less distracted by rogue thoughts, less day-dreamy. I felt like I was clearing away underbrush that had been obscuring my true capabilities."

Say goodbye to alienated labor. Psychedelics may have once been drugs for inner self-exploration, but these are different times. Now they've been re-purposed as instruments for capitalism.

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