Saturday, January 7, 2017

“Every single day, I am the solution guy. I am going to find a solution to make your life elite.”

"Your personal life, your social life, your spiritual life, your academic life, your athletic life – that is my job.  That is what I get paid to do.  Remember, I am the 'how' coach. I am the 'character' coach. I am the 'people' coach."

"I am the most real person you will ever meet."

"I got news for everybody: change has arrived!"

If you haven't watched the PJ Fleck tent revival yet, you check it out here.  

And if you are wondering how Fleck handles questions about the armed robbery incident last fall involving two of his players at Western Michigan, one of whom had faced four prior sexual assault allegations (including two allegations of gang rape) while he was still in high school, fast forward the video to 22 minutes. (Did Western Michigan knew about the player's history when he was recruited? The university has denied Freedom of Information requests.

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