Sunday, December 18, 2016

"The boycott’s lasting impact, however, will be the unintended consequences derived from the events of a crazy week in Dinkytown."

From 1500 ESPN:

Exhibit A is the status of Gophers coach Tracy Claeys. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported Thursday that Claeys expressed reservations when notified about the boycott at a team meeting, but eventually relented. Later that evening, Claeys expressed support for his players with a tweet, driving a wedge between his bosses and the program he leads.

But that's not all, writes Adam Rossow 

For Coyle, it has to be classified as a failure in his first big test as the university’s A.D. He chose to hide behind a veil of privacy — even after the 10 suspended players were named publicly — rather than be thorough and forthcoming with as much information as they could to the players and coaches. He didn’t have to provide the entire report or even get into details with the team, but providing a general sense of why the punishments were given, specifically to the additional five players, would probably have prevented the boycott.

Kaler’s leadership was already in a tenuous spot before the boycott. He made a disastrous hire in Norwood Teague, and he was heavily criticized for his response to a research scandal in which many people, including former Minnesota governor Arne Carlson called for his resignation because of unethical behavior.

He was also the first to incorrectly declare in a letter to boosters that Claeys made the decision to suspend the 10 players. Coyle echoed that falsity, but both have since changed their story to say only that Claeys was consulted.

Over at the Star Tribune, Jim Souhan writes:

The Gophers football team threatened to boycott the Holiday Bowl, but it should have been the other way around.

If bowl officials had spent any time with the university’s report on the incident that led to player suspensions and a short-lived boycott, they might have found a more deserving group on which to bestow a San Diego vacation.

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