Friday, December 16, 2016

"Let us resist, as another year slides darkly toward its death, the creeping fascism of holiday music. It is not normal; it is not a public good."

Holiday music is sonic propaganda, crackling down at us from ancient mall sound systems and pouring point-blank from the mouths of horrible neighbors. It erodes our humanity with its cheerful clich├ęs. Resist the elves and the messiahs, the apple-cheeked grandmothers and the man-size golems of sentient snow; resist the melodies that jump and flip like windup toys. Resist the fa and the la and the la la la. We are grown-ups. Let’s look at life, for once, full in the face.

Sadly, this brilliant opener by Sam Anderson was written in praise of a cringe-inducing piece of holiday schmaltz by Dan Fogelberg, but the article is worth reading in full anyway.

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