Tuesday, December 20, 2016

"Every football and basketball season brings a new sexual misconduct episode at the University of Minnesota."

In today's Star Tribune, U professor Keya Ganguly calls for the elimination of Gopher football, writing:

"This is enough. Enough talk as well about building an “athletes’ village” (where athletes will live together in isolated harmony; that will undoubtedly give them a further sense of their privileged status). Those plans should be scrapped immediately, the funds reallocated to the cause of real education. The stakeholders of the university — every student and faculty member to the administration and the regents — have to be the ones to take back the program from those who think that they can act with impunity and intimidate everyone with the threats of bogus lawsuits and game boycotts."

Meanwhile, Strib sports columnist Chris Scoggins writes that Coach Tracy Claeys is doomed.

"College administrators often talk about their “brand” in schmoozing donors and corporate sponsors. The image of Gophers football is not appealing right now. The stain from this painful episode will be permanent."

The Strib editorial board hammers Dean Johnson, Chair of the Board of Regents.

"Frankly, Regent Johnson, most Minnesotans could not care less if the Gophers beat Washington State in the Holiday Bowl; they simply want the off-the-field disgraces to stop and for their world-class university to receive national news coverage for its research breakthroughs, not scandal after scandal in its men’s sports programs. In any case, the players should know that, in a dispute, the most visible action is not necessarily the most courageous."

"As leader of the Board of Regents, Johnson should be defending the university’s reputation and standards, not making excuses for the head football coach or intimating that something is lacking in the university’s disciplinary procedures."

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