Friday, November 18, 2016

"Will the University of Minnesota cross over into the right side of history or stay in the dark?"

We've got a racism problem at the U, writes Yuichiro Onishi, and the administration is clueless.


  1. America's new 70 year old 6'3" 236 lb Mickey Mouse, America is moving or better said be pushed far far to the political right Racism is strong among his cronies.Time we of still sound mind and strong value system circle our wagons

  2. Hey, Tim Nolan - I think your views are racist, fear-based, and fear-mongering. Why are you so afraid of Trump, and what he represents? Why is this "racism" that you so decry - so decry-able? Trump is first and foremost, a rich, clever, and crooked big business man.... Yeah, I know what the phrase "circle-the-wagons" means. It's a fear-based, perceived threat reaction.... I'd say we need to UN-circle the wagons, and get rolling....

  3. Brave New Films is taking on Trump’s awful appointments and will fight against all of the un-American proposals being made by this person who lost the popular vote.

    10 days ago, the staff of Brave New Films woke up sad, afraid and horrified. We are a diverse group of people who are concerned, as many people in the US are, that our lives will be negatively affected by the outcome of this election.

    Now with the appointments of Steve Bannon, Michael Flynn and Pompeo, as well as Jeff Sessions looming the new AG, our fears are being realized. We have taken on tough issues in the past and we will not be silenced no matter how much they threaten us.