Saturday, November 5, 2016

Why does the Fairview Health computer system keep crashing?

From City Pages: 

An unreliable IT system raises the potential of compromised care, according to a former Fairview nurse, who worked for the hospital system for eight years starting in the mid-2000's. 

"In the [Epic] system, it does everything for us," she says. "For the office visit, we enter in all the patient's vitals, the history, the lab orders are ordered that way, any types of scans are ordered. It's all electronic surgery scheduling."

She gives the example of waiting for blood readings for enzymes on a patient who might have experienced a "cardiac event." In that situation, there's not a moment to spare.

"If you can't get that reported to you right away," the nurse says, "that the patient had a cardiac event -- and the Epic is down, and you can't see it and the person in the lab can't see it -- it wastes time. And it puts the life of the patient in danger."

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