Thursday, November 17, 2016

"Bellevue’s psychiatric facilities — and share of tabloid-ready Grand Guignol theatrics — are not what make this institution a singularity. It is, rather, Bellevue’s enduring commitment as a public hospital to the indigent, its relentless insistence on viewing health care as a basic human right."

Jennifer Senior writes:

Fairly or not, Bellevue is a gothic symbol of darkness and defeat: the destination for those who’ve been crushed and ground to a paste by New York City, or at least seem to have internalized its ghost population of demons and dybbuks. Bellevue is where Mark David Chapman was taken after shooting John Lennon. It is where William Burroughs was taken after deliberately snipping off part of his left pinkie with poultry shears. It is where Norman Mailer was taken after stabbing his second wife, supposedly because she’d told him he’d never be as good as Dostoyevsky.

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