Tuesday, October 25, 2016

"If good health is truly 'one of the fundamental rights of every human being,' then shouldn’t that also apply to the human beings working in Harvard’s cafeterias?"

Rose Ines Rivera, a dining hall cook at Harvard, writes in the NY Times: 

"Harvard is the richest university in the nation, with a $35 billion endowment. But I can’t live on what Harvard pays me. I take home between $430 and $480 a week, and this August, I fell behind on my $1,150 rent and lost my apartment. Now my two kids and I are staying with my mother in public housing, with all four of us sharing a single bedroom. I grew up in the projects and on welfare. I want my 8-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son to climb out of the cycle of poverty. But for most of my time at Harvard it’s been hard."


From the Harvard Crimson:

"Monday marked a showing of force in support for Harvard’s dining services workers as more than a hundred students and supporters flooded the lobby where negotiations between the University and HUDS’s union took place."

"After roughly 500 students walked out of classes and rallied in Harvard Yard, more than 100 students and supporters of Harvard’s picketing dining services workers sat in the lobby of 124 Mt. Auburn St., singing, and chanting—and, eventually, doing homework—for nearly seven hours."

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  1. The REAL problem in this little scenario, is exoritant rents, caused by the 1% manipulating the housing market. She makes more in 2 weeks, than I live on for a month! My Soc.Sec.Disability doesn't go any further than her paycheck, even with EBT/food stamps, and a rent subsidy. The system is broken, and it's the *RICH* who broke it!