Saturday, September 10, 2016

Paul Appelbaum, expert witness for the U in the Markingson case, will deliver a keynote address on "coercive mental health treatment" at the 2016 ASBH meeting

Next month, at the annual meeting of the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities, the well-known psychiatrist and bioethicist Paul Appelbaum will be delivering a keynote address titled "Consensual vs. Coercive Mental Health Treatments: New Manifestations of an Old Dilemma."

Ah yes. The ethical dilemma of coercion. When Appelbaum was being paid for his expert testimony in the Markingson case, he didn't really seem to have anything to say about coercion.  The fact that Markingson was enrolled in clinical trial while he was under a commitment order and confined to a locked ward didn't enter into his testimony at all.  In Appelbaum's view, everything done by the university psychiatrists and the IRB was completely in line with customary ethical standards.

You can read his testimony below.

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  1. Long ago I wrote to Paul Appelbaum asking him to provide evidence of IRB approval of the study he conducted on which his generally accepted assessment tool for measuring competence to give consent to participation in research was based. I never received the requested evidence. Maybe somebody should again inquire.