Saturday, September 24, 2016

"Don't mention the racism" -- UNCC ethicist censored after writing about Keith Scott killing in Charlotte

From The Daily Nous:

Wednesday afternoon, Gordon Hull, associate professor of philosophy at University of North Carolina, Charlotte, and director of the school’s Center for Professional and Applied Ethics, put up a post on the Center’s webpage about the recent police shooting of an unarmed black man, Keith L. Scott (see the bottom of this post for that text).

The central message of the post was summed up in its conclusion:

"I do not know exactly what happened last night, but even more than I hope that the CMPD will conduct a thorough and transparent investigation, I hope that something triggers white America to care about the deep structural racism that permeates so much of our society, and about the incalculable damage that racism does to real people, real families and real communities, every day."

The next morning Hull received an email from his dean, Nancy A. Gutierrez, ordering him to take the post off the site.

Hull's account is here.

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