Monday, July 11, 2016

"The world is flat; many people have said this. People are saying that birds can play the cello: we need to look into that."

George Saunders has written the best and most humane explanation of Donald Trump and his supporters that I have ever read. (Plus, Saunders is, as always, extremely funny.)


  1. I didn't bother reading ALL of that George Saunders piece - it was WAaaa-ay TOO long. But at least there were cartoons. You don't need to bother reading it, either. It's just another bleeding-heart librul neofascist anti_trump diatribe. Poor little boy Saunders is a scared fraidy-cat, and most likely, also a girly-man. It's simple math - Trump is NOT Clinton. As much as I might dislike the Trumpster, the Hilda-Beast is much, much, MUCH WORSE. I can't stand Hilary. Who's left? Trump. Oh well, Trump doesn't scare me. He's just another media-created hack. He'll do fine in the White House! Really, George Saunders, why do you waste so much time and ink on the Trumpeter? He *does* boost ratings and eyeballs, huh? That's the lame-stream Libtard media for you....

  2. ...or read it all and take your own conclusions as a smart human being that you are.