Saturday, July 23, 2016

The University of Minnesota wants YOU to speak up about wrongdoing in research!

The University of Minnesota is rolling out a new PR campaign about research ethics. It has posted a new "Communicator's Toolkit" online and is encouraging us all to speak up about research misconduct.

For some reason, I find this a little disingenuous.

"(Carl) Elliott has filed numerous requests for information over the years and has published countless accounts of the Markingson case. These requests have required the university to expend untold resources addressing his allegations over and over again as we attempt to respond to his selective and distorted narrative."

  -- Aaron Friedman MD, Dean of Medical School, May 16 2013

"I looked (Dr. Judy Stone) up and can't tell if she's a wacko or not."

  -- Brian Lucas, Academic Health Center Senior Director of Communications, March 8, 2013

"Our University has been dealing with Carl Elliott's personal crusade against our psychiatry department for a number of years...  Unfortunately, lost in the marketing around Carl's books… is the fact that multiple bodies … have never found a connection between Dan Markingson's unfortunate suicide and this clinical trial.”

-- Justin Paquette, Academic Health Center Communications, June 24, 2011

"Niki Gjere fails to meet a standard of credibility for a number of reasons that you don't seem to have ‘investigated’ at all.”

  -- Brian Lucas, Academic Health Center Senior Director of Communications, December 1, 2014

“Mr. Elliott has consistently ignored evidence and distorted or omitted key facts in pursuing his own agenda...  If it wasn’t for Carl Elliott, there wouldn’t be an issue.

  -- Brian Lucas, Academic Health Center Senior Communications Director, Science, May 23, 2014


  1. This is strikingly similar to what's been going on in veterinary medicine since the early '90s when a number of vets began to speak out about the incidences of sarcoma in the scruff (neck) area of cats and the fact that this was a common area in which vaccines were administered. A task force was created and concluded that certain adjuvants in the rabies vaccine in particular were behind what was to become known as 'VAS', or vaccine associated sarcoma. The AVMA advised feline vaccines were no longer to be administered in the scruff but rather in the hind quarter -- the thought being that it was easier to amputate a leg or tail should your cat succumb to VAS. There was and still is much wailing and gnashing of teeth among those vets who pooh-poohed the whole notion of their largest source of income being in any way harmful and continued to vaccinate in the scruff and to this day those vets who believe in a correlation between the frequency of administration of certain vaccines and the incidence of illness and even death following vaccination are still dismissed by their income-loss fearing colleagues and have been openly mocked at conferences and treated in a similar fashion to what Dr. Elliott has endured by the administration. The common bond shared by the veterinary world and human medicine world is in part lack of transparency or informed consent. How many reading this knew of VAS? Knew that your pet could become ill or die from a vaccination? Or that here in MN vets were caught openly lying to their clients which resulted in the MN Board of Veterinary Medicine issuing a 'rabies vaccination guidance document' because the majority of vets in this state failed to issue 3 year certificates when vaccinating with a 3-year rabies vaccine so they could vaccinate their unknowing clients' dogs more frequently? Did you know 1 rabies vaccination has a duration of immunity of 5 to 7 years yet the laws governing rabies vaccination aren't even based upon scientific study? The bottom line is if you speak out against an unjustice, whether a human doctor or animal or internet hacktivist, you will be shouted down and have your integrity, morality, and self-worth questioned and subjected to scorn and ridicule.

    1. Can I ever elaborate on the skeevy world of vet med and the cr#p they try to pull over on the public, viz, their clients and unsuspecting, trusting pets whose lives are in their corrupt veterinary hands...