Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Thank God for the University of Louisville

If you were raised in South Carolina (or Alabama, or Louisiana, or for that matter, Kentucky) you probably grew up with an abstract sense of gratitude to the state of Mississippi for ensuring that your state will never quite rank last in measures of poverty, disease, or accidents involving guns and motor vehicles.

Here at the University of Minnesota, we owe a similar debt of gratitude to the University of Louisville for ensuring that despite our research deaths and injuries, sex tapes, administrative bloat, Title IX lawsuits, sexual harassment charges, and illegal Xanax sales, we are still not the worst-managed university in America.

On Louisville, in The Chronicle of Higher Education:

Among the controversies that have swirled: Three university officials are now under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and a whistle-blower lawsuit alleges that the president ignored warnings about possible misconduct. Two years ago, another university official pleaded guilty to tax fraud and embezzling nearly $3 million. And the NCAA is investigating charges that a former basketball coach paid for strippers and sex for players and recruits.

Now the Governor of Kentucky is cleaning house -- firing the president and trustees -- and the Attorney General is suing him. Stay tuned for fun!

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