Tuesday, June 21, 2016

"It's the sort of thing you might have expected in a very right wing, almost fascist country, certainly not our so-called democratic country."

The Australian government is threatening to toss a pediatrician in prison if he tells anyone what he saw on Nauru, where Australia sends refugees.

According to the ABC:

For days after returning from Nauru, both Dr Isaacs and the nurse who accompanied him had Kafka-esque nightmares.

He said the suffering of children he treated was the hardest to reconcile.

"I saw a six-year-old child who tried to hang herself with a fence tie," he said.

"I saw a 15-year-old brave lad who'd sewed his lips up and his parents were cross with him for doing it, and he was cross with them because when he collapsed they let the medical staff cut the ties on his lips," he recalled.

"I just saw endless trauma ... I saw 20 or 30 children and the trauma they were going through, over a year in prison really without knowing what their fate was going to be, it was appalling."

But the Australian government is trying to gag anyone who speaks out.

In May the Border Force Act quietly passed both houses of parliament and became law.

Now teachers, doctors and security staff could be subject to two years jail if they speak publicly about what they witnessed.

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