Friday, May 27, 2016

Zanny, Red Bull and an armored car?

Compared to sexual assault, sexual harassment and a social media sex tape, the latest scandal to come out of the U's athletic department probably strikes some people as little tame. I mean, what's a 2500 pill Xanax stash between friends? Sure, some extremist lawyers are pointing out that it's a felony, but that's nothing that the U's attorneys can't take care of.  

Just like they took care of Robinson's last scandal. You remember that one. It involved $3 million in real estate, inquiries about renting an armored car to transport cash from a university dorm, and an "inquiry to University police if carrying a firearm on campus would violate any University policies."

The Daily reported it. The General Counsel's office investigated. The result?  Move along, nothing to see here. As usual.  

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