Wednesday, May 11, 2016

"The stench from the U of M athletic department has only gotten stronger. So we’ve gotten better at holding our nose."

Another day, another scandal. At least this one is about spending rather than sex.

Bob Collins of MPR wonders how long Eric Kaler can keep blaming his athletic department scandals on Norwood Teague.

Meanwhile, over at University Diary, Margaret Soltan sums things up like this:

"Your father keeps a brothel. Your best buddy lost his job because he drinks too much and tells random women to let him go down on them. The terrible team you coach keeps losing players due to sex crimes. If you’re Minnesota’s Rick Pitino, you’re going to want desperately to get the hell off campus – pronto – at the drop of a hat. And that’s what your fleet of private planes, paid for by the good people of that state, is for. That’s why you’re always flying away."

UPDATE: Syracuse AD Mark Coyle is bailing out after less than a year on the job to rescue Gopher athletics. Here is a list of "ten things to know about Coyle" compiled by Syracuse when Coyle took the job there in 2015.

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