Thursday, May 26, 2016

Psychiatrists reprimanded after dead patient's private records posted online at suggestion of UMN attorney

From City Pages:

In February of last year, U psychiatrists Stephen Olson and Charles Schulz approved the posting of a dead patient’s private health information to a public University website.

At the time, [Dean Brooks]Jackson covered for his psychiatrists and denied that the information posted was confidential.

“The documents were not sufficiently reviewed for privacy considerations prior to being posted,” Jackson wrote. “You should know that neither Dr. Olson nor Dr. Schultz were responsible for the posting of those documents. I do not believe you need to take any specific action to protect your privacy nor are you at any risk given that the information included in the reports is publicly available through other sources.”

One year later, the Board of Medical Practice has finally responded to [Mary] Weiss’ complaint. This time, it investigated her allegations, put Schulz and Olson in front of a review committee, and found that they had indeed authorized posting privileged documents.

Last week, Olson and Schulz were reprimanded — an official slap on the wrist without corrective discipline. Both psychiatrists... blamed an unnamed University attorney for suggesting that they release Markingson’s medical information.

The University has not responded to data practices requests for that attorney’s identity.

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