Tuesday, May 10, 2016

"Kaler authorized that $7 million buyout because … well, actually I still have no clue why he agreed to it. Pitino certainly didn’t earn it."

Chip Scoggins at the Star Tribune writes:

Richard Pitino has an image problem. His program has an image problem. That means University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler has a problem, too.

Pitino’s three-year résumé at Minnesota includes two players arrested, two dismissed from the program for conduct issues and three others suspended following the release of a sex tape on one of the player’s social media accounts. That player, Kevin Dorsey, left the program after last season.

The sum of those cases qualifies as a pattern.

A video discussion with Scoggins and Michael Rand is here.

Over at University Diary, Margaret Soltan notes that none of the U's sex scandals -- sexual assault, sexual harassment, sex tapes -- actually seem to be producing wins for the Gophers. She writes, "If beating women doesn’t bulk up team confidence, what good is it?"

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