Saturday, May 7, 2016

"If expensive racehorses were feasting on arnica do mato, then it must be good enough for him. He became a believer. He bought vats of it. He drank it. He even bathed in it."

Golden State Warriors guard Leandro Barbosa swears by a Brazilian folk remedy called arnica do mato.

“It’s a medicine you give horses,” Barbosa said. “Whenever they get hurt, it helps them recover very quickly. Because they have to run.”

Arnica do mato is hardly a familiar substance in American sports — or anywhere in the country. Several plant science experts said they had never heard of it. Barbosa, though, swears by it. He said he had not sustained any serious injuries since he began swilling his Amazonian potion. He does not think it is a coincidence.

“My entire family drinks it now,” Barbosa said.

Yet he has not succeeded in his attempts to convert teammates to the church of arnica do mato.

“Tastes like acid,” Harrison Barnes said.

“I almost threw up,” Festus Ezeli said.

You can read more about this magical substance in The New York Times.

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