Sunday, May 8, 2016

God knows where I am

From NBC News:

Linda Bishop, a once vibrant mother, starved to death after she was released from a New Hampshire mental hospital in 2007. Her family was not notified of her discharge.

Delusional and refusing medication for her psychosis, Bishop wandered into an abandoned farmhouse, where she lived unnoticed for four months before dying of starvation.

Bishop left behind a diary, written with humor and spirituality, describing her survival on books, apples and melted snow in one of New England's fiercest winters.

Now, filmmakers Jedd and Todd Wider, who produced the Oscar-nominated "Kings Point" in 2012, tell Bishop's story in a new documentary, "God Knows Where I Am," which won the Special Jury Prize on May 6 at Toronto's Hot Docs festival.

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