Sunday, April 17, 2016

The market in breast milk

From the Reply All podcast:

PHIA: She goes to a site that’s more like the Wild West of breast milk. It’s called Only the Breast. It’s a lot more like eBay or craigslist. It’s a place where you pay for the milk.

PJ: And what does it look like? Like, does it look like– an you actually, can we see it?

PHIA: Yeah. I in fact have username and password. Here’s Only the Breast.  

ALEX: Pretty nice.

PHIA: Like, there’s an area for selling, there’s an area for buying. You can list how old your baby is. There’s a section for like if you want milk from a vegan mom.

ALEX: Oh wow.

P: If you want. . .

PJ: “Willing to sell to men” is its own category?

P: Yeah. So this is the other thing about this site. There are lots of families that don’t the the person in the family who produces breast milk, like, there’s families with two gay dads or a single dad. There’s families with surrogates or people who have adopted.

ALEX: Right.

PHIA: And then there are also people looking for milk not for babies.

PJ: Like?

PHIA: There’s a few different categories. There’s some people who are bodybuilders who. . .

PJ: No. No.

PHIA: . . .want it.

PJ: No.

ALEX: For what purpose, do they think that it grows muscle in a way that. . .

PJ: Haven’t you ever noticed that babies are the most muscular form of human?

PHIA: So, so yeah so they think it’s gonna to increase their muscle mass.

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