Friday, April 22, 2016

Nurse whistleblower stays the course in the face of increasing pressure

On Niki Gjere, in the newsletter of the Minnesota Nurses Association:

“I was haunted,” Gjere said. “Here was a story very similar to Dan Markingson’s—it was happening again.” Registered Nurses were telling Gjere that they didn’t feel safe reporting concerns about patient safety or research, so she did what she knew to do—she escalated her concerns. “I waited for somebody to take these issues seriously. I met with many leaders, powerful leaders.” Unfortunately, nothing changed. “I was so frustrated, and nurses were still afraid to come forward. I was very afraid about patient safety concerns not being heard, and that nurses’ concerns were not being heard. Nurses are our first line of protection for patients. If we are not listening to the nurses, then I had no confidence our patients were protected.”

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