Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"Practices in the Department of Psychiatry demonstrate a profound lack of knowledge about how to conduct clinical research."

Yet another external review of the University of Minnesota's Department of Psychiatry has turned up alarming problems.  That makes four (or six, depending on how you count) reviews of the department: all critical, all scathingly direct, all raising serious questions about practices that place research subjects in danger.

Kaler's solution?  "We've created a management response to the report."

UPDATE: The Star Tribune is on the story now.
UPDATE 2: And KSTP and The Pioneer Press.
UPDATE 3: The university has posted the assessment report on the Dept, of Psychiatry along with its rebuttal.

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  1. I can't figure out why Star Tribune keeps deleting my comment. What's wrong with this? -- "Enough... I can't help but see the recruitment of Huber as a direct middle finger to the legislature after they passed a law trying to prohibit that very thing being done by that very psychiatrist. Intentional indeed. Was this even brought up in the audit or when he was sitting right there at the capitol, defending himself? Are they really under *that* much pressure to get subjects?" Squeaky clean! I've said way worse stuff that they've actually posted. Okay how about "I agree faculty member. Huber wasn't an error in judgement but a intentional violation of Dan's law. So not isolated." *comes back an hour later* "pending" FUCK!!