Wednesday, December 16, 2015

"Whose Diversity?" students who occupied Morrill Hall cleared by Student Behavior Committee

In a stark rebuke to President Kaler, Rahsaan Mahadeo and David Melendez, two of the "Whose Diversity?" who were arrested and jailed for occupying Morrill Hall last February, have been cleared of all charges by the U's Student Behavior Committee.  Rahsaan writes, "We were both found NOT RESPONSIBLE for violating subdivision 4 (refusal to identify and comply) by a vote of 4-3, and NOT RESPONSIBLE for violating subdivision 9 (disorderly conduct) by a vote of 5-2."

And here are Kaler's comments in the Daily today:

Q. During our previous chat, we talked a little bit about that despite the criminal charges being dropped against the Whose Diversity? students who occupied your office, you say they should still be required to go through the disciplinary process. After the gatherings this week, have your thoughts changed at all?

A. They really haven’t. … They did come into my office. They did choose to stay in a building after closing hours. There was jostling and discomfort caused for my staff, so I think going through the discipline remains the right thing.

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