Friday, December 4, 2015

"University of Minnesota spending is arrogant, out of control. I fear that my alma mater has lost sight of its mission and become ungovernable."

In the Star Tribune, Steven Dornfeld writes:

The latest evidence comes in published reports of the lavish, almost laughable expenses of administrators and coaches in the athletic department that were reimbursed by the university. How could any public institution justify spending:

• Nearly $30,000 in a three-year period for Athletic Director Norwood Teague to wine and dine donors, staff and others. And I mean “wine” — to the tune of almost $11,000.

• $24,444 in lodging and registration fees for women’s basketball coach Marlene Stollings and her staff to attend a coaches’ convention in Tampa, Fla.

• Nearly $2,000 to reimburse Stollings for makeup, an outfit and shoes from Nordstrom.

• $2,298.85 to transport the dog of men’s basketball coach Richard Pitino by car from Miami to the Twin Cities.


  1. These are just the tip of an out of control iceberg that is not melting but growing and taking over not only finances but a policy environment that is completely out of control. Millions of dollars on an "employee engagement survey" that is poorly designed but is used as a weapon for discharging employees when the instrument actually reflects on the U administration rather than departments. Picking and choosing which policies will be enforced, and excusing those that aren't on flimsy grounds while trying to punish people by enforcing others indiscriminately. Firing a School of Music director based on false accusations and disregarding the majority of faculty, staff, and community members who testified to the great job s/he was doing. Someone needs to undertake a broad-based investigation of how the state's money is being misused and how those who abuse policies are protected while those who enforce them appropriately are considered disruptive and divisive. A president who insulates himself and permits a chief of staff to have inappropriate power. Minnesotans need to demand a university administration that stewards their resources and builds the university the state deserves.

  2. Can you say more about who was fired in the School of Music?