Saturday, December 26, 2015

NYU might want to rethink the Martin Shkreli Professor of Pediatric Nephrology

You've got to feel bad for Howard Trachtman, the pediatric nephrologist at NYU who is saddled with the "Martin Shkreli Professorship." Could he have known at the time of Shkreli's donation (of undisclosed size) that Shkreli would soon become the poster child for bad pharma behavior?  Well, maybe: Trachtman is a former consultant for Retrophin, the company where Shkreli was apparently running a Ponzi scheme.  But hey, that consultancy was long before Shkreli was arrested.

So far, NYU says it has no plans to return Shkreli's donation or to get rid of his name on the professorship.

HT University Diaries

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