Sunday, December 27, 2015

In 1972, a Nixon-masked man announced to the American Psychiatric Association that he was gay. A year later, homosexuality was no longer classified a mental disorder.

“I am a homosexual. I am a psychiatrist.”

With those words, Dr. Anonymous began his famous address to the 1972 convention of the American Psychiatric Association. No one in the room recognized the homosexual before them because he was disguised in an oversized tuxedo, a distorted Nixon mask, and a wig. His boyfriend at the time was a drama major and helped him concoct the get-up, which proved difficult because he was a rather large man. But the costume was successful. No one recognized him, he later recalled. The costume was “clean.”

The man in the Nixon mask was John Fryer, a psychiatrist and faculty member at Temple University. You can read about him in The Daily Beast.

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  1. Carl, I am guessing it's no coincidence you posted this on the same day as the the Times put up the obit on Robert Spitzer: