Thursday, December 17, 2015

“I tell my students that the U is possibly the worst public body in the state in abiding by public records law,” says Chris Ison

We can't locate that record. We have destroyed that record. That record is protected by attorney-client privilege.  We cannot release that record because it contains private personnel information. This record has been redacted.  We will give you access to that record but will charge you $9,000 for administrative costs.

Nobody who has tried to pry supposedly public information out of the supposedly public University of Minnesota will be surprised by this story by Brian Lambert in MinnPost, titled "The U of M fails Public Disclosure 101, frustrated journalists say." I speak from personal experience, but I know I'm not alone. No journalist I have ever talked to has been surprised by my stories of having public records requests stonewalled by the U.

Seriously. How is this tolerated?

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