Monday, December 7, 2015

Carlson says U's mission is "jeopardized by inept managers whose philosophy is misguided and self-serving"

In MinnPost, former Governor Arne Carlson writes:

During the past year, there has been an array of negative stories about management that are harmful to the reputation of the University. All involve allegations of dishonesty, cover-ups, misrepresentations, conflicts of interest, financial abuse, and poor hiring practices. Self-indulgence clearly trumps public service. The environment is such that no one is responsible. For instance, we have learned that in the area of testing drugs for large pharmaceutical companies, the oversight process was corrupted by the presence of university professionals who were on the payroll of the very companies whose drugs were being tested. We also know that the former chief counsel of the university wrote the language claiming exhaustive investigations by entities that never engaged in such endeavors. Further, we know that President Eric Kaler, his management team, and the Board of Regents used those false claims to beat down critics, including faculty members who called for an independent review. They simply buried the truth.

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